How to store Electron data in the cloud to retrieve without a device connection?

Hi everyone,

I’m fairly new at programming Particle devices and have a question concerning the Particle Cloud and data storage.

I’m working on a project to do remote monitoring with the Electron and would like to be able to store that data in the Particle Cloud, then retrieve that data from an Android device at any time, even if the Electron is not powered on or is temporarily without a signal.

I have a prototype working that I can access the data through declared variables from an Android app built with MIT App Inventor, but the Electron must be online to access this information. What I was hoping to do is to have the Electron store or publish some data somehow to the cloud and then be able at anytime to pull that data directly from the cloud, even if the Electron is offline.

It looks like this may not be possible, but I had wanted to check if there was anything in the works that could make this possible in the near future?

Thank you in advance for any advice!

Hi @CodeFeet77

I think the easiest way to accomplish that would be to have your Electron publish the data and use a webhook to then send the data to your own storage location.

If you use say IFTTT to send the published data to a Google drive spreadsheet, you can have that working in a few minutes (no webhook even required since IFTTT can do that for you). There are lots of people doing that here–just search. Here are some screen shots I took last year:


Thank you @bko for the help, I will look into this right away!

If I may ask a further question, would this process work without using any services that would need to be signed up for or signed in to access? The reason is that I’m looking to develop this project for other companies and would like to avoid having an extra service that would require them signing up for.

Thank you again!

Hi @CodeFeet77

Both IFTTT and Google require sign-ins.

If companies want to hold data from Electrons without third-party servers, then I would say they need their own data storage server and you could use a webhook to put the published data into their server. You still need a Particle account to setup the webhook, but everything else would be on their own server.

If you are looking for data storage without a sign-in, I don’t think that exists.


Hi @bko,

That makes sense, and thank you again for your guidance on this. I believe using a webhook and a data storage server as suggested will be the way to go with this project.