How can I use XBee library

I have to use Xbee library in my project, this is already available for Arduino community and I am using it in my Arduino IDE. Should I follow the process of Sparks "adding user contributed library " for this. Is there any way I can use as easy as using with standard Arduino IDE?
Thank you…

@spaksiva, take a look here:


I have used @peekay123’s XBee library port for one of my project. It worked very well for me. I have created a some sample using this library, probably by this week end I will be posting part one of my project. My intention is to create a simple poor man’s version Home Automation using XBee.

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Here is a demo that is not completed, I didn’t publishing it tomorrow after some modifications.

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Could you add the XBee lib to user Libraries, that would be helpful to me to use in my application.

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