HardFault_Handler in particle photon

Hello everyone,

In one of my application code in rare case it generate hardfault, system panic reset reason but not sure at which exact place it happen.

Is there any way to add HardFault_Handler so i can get detailed information of Hard fault issue from its status register?

simillar to this here.


Potential double post (with one reply) here

Hi @ScruffR,

Yes double post but with i think two different question for same issue. Sorry for that :slight_smile:

Our product is about to release and got this issue so we both are searching for solution.

Don’t we have anything like HardFault_Handler in particle simillar to STM32?


The SOS panic handler is exactly such a thing and the scheme I proposed in the other thread would build onto that in on a higher level.

To make use of the scheme outlined in your link above, you should be proficient in using OpenOCD and have a JTAG/SWD debugging hardware (e.g. Particle Programmer Shield).
But since I’m not aware of your individual experience with getting that low into the HW I tried to approach your issue from the higher level down.

This is where/how this is implemented in device OS