Error when publishing on local server

Yes sorry, i’have patched the source correctly and misspelled here.
Sorry again.

I actually didn’t touch this file and everything seems to be working fine.


Indeed, before reading this thread I have been running my local setup only with a modified spark_protocol.cpp to disable or tweak the rate limiting, which works right away.

Also, in publisher.h, it didn’t make a difference whether is_rate_limited returns true or false in my case. I was admittedly just being pedantic about this :smile:

The most important bit in this thread is @straccio’s find in SparkCore.js that resolved that pesky CoAP NULL error. This was something that impacted the 0.5.x firmware.

Upon further investigation, it appears that send_event in publisher.h is only ever used once – quite possibly as a unit test in communication/tests/src/catch/protocol.cpp. so it could simply be orphaned code that got left behind while spark-server was being developed.

It’s great to see these discussions going, for the sake of those of us testing setups with the local server.

Also, linking the related issues as posted on github:

Indeed, and that is why communities around projects are so great.

I use the local server in production, so this is really a big win on my end.

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