Electron + Adafruit 64x32 RGB LED Matrix not working [SOLVED]

Sorry, not so understood as means (((

Google says, that Particle Photon is not available in any markets of my country… And Google says, that only AliExpress or Ebay are available for me… It’s not a problem, but it will be too long time to delivery via snail mail… :cry:

@remnew, you will need to use the latest Arduino version of the Adafruit RGBMatrixPanel library and make sure your wiring is as per the instructions in the Adafruit tutorial. If you are having issues, you need to get on the Adafruit forum for help.

Where do you live?

Yeap, I’ve cloned last library from Github, wired device as shown in issue on AdaFruit site, but unsuccessful.

You are right, this theme is over this topic…

I’m from Astana, Kazakhstan