Dust Sensor - PMS 5003/6003/7003


I tried to get the libraries for Arduino UART library working on an Arduino Uno and a Particle Photon.

I couldn’t get the Arduino library to compile without errors on the Arduino.

I could get it to compile in Particle DEV for a Photon but the Serial Output says is “Probe Failed”

I was trying to use this library:

The i2C library is here if your interested:


Hi there,

I was wondering if any of you guys managed to get it working on Arduino.I got it working on my Raspberry Pi 3 but the Arduino implementation I have problems with. I installed their library (https://github.com/Sensirion/embedded-uart-sps) but can’t get their example sketch to compile. I am using their Arduino implementation cpp file. Upon compilation I get a number of errors but they are as a result of this one

“error: ‘Uart’ does not name a type
Uart Serial2 (&sercom1, PIN_UART_RX, PIN_UART_TX, SERCOM_RX_PAD_0,”

I am an Arduino newbie as well so…any help is much appriciated.


I never was able to get the Arduino library to work on an Arduino Uno or the Photon no matter what I did to the library.

I’m kinda stuck at the moment until somebody else comes along and figures this one out. :disappointed_relieved:

@MartyMacGyver any luck?


That library needs some porting to work on the Photon. I don’t have one of the sensors so even if I attempt a port, I can’t test it.


I got the device a couple of weeks back but haven’t had time to mess with it. However, I will make some time for it soon and see if I can’t get it working. It should be pretty easy to port, or I’ll create my own library.


That would be great!

My unit is useless until I find a working library.