DHT22 returns temp = 0, hum = 6553

Hi @BenHadman and @Blacksmithash.
I too have exactly the same problem with my DHT22 AM2302 sensor. Do any of you manage to fix this?
I tried my DHT11 sensor and had a similar problem. It only returned hum = 255% and temp = 0.

Hi again!
Changing the library from <Adafruit_DHT.h> to <Adafruit_DHT_Particle.h> fixed my problem with the DHT22 AM2302 sensor.
I hope this works for you as well!

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Neither of use could fix it!
I’ve opted to a new sensor type.

Got it to work! Thanks!
Weird - because I already tried that and the example code for it… I was about to try a different sensor.

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