Connections for ST-Link v2 mini JTAG

I just bought an ST-Link v2 mini JTAG programmer at the recommendation of a Particle staffer, but I can’t find documentation for the connections. There are many threads such as Getting started with ST-Link V2 & st-util which say what st-util commands to use, etc, but I can’t find a reference to which pins on the programmer connect to which pins on the Photon. The guides all just assume you plug it in and you’re done.

The programmer I have is like this one:

I’d appreciate any suggestions.

Hopefully this is a big help :smile:

EDIT: Oh I see you might not be able to do JTAG mode, only SWD mode… so these are the hook ups:

I’m a bit confused about the RST connection here. Sometimes I see JTAG_TRST connected and sometimes the MCU RST pin. For example in post Update: JTAG and SWD programming and debugging from Netbeans!
Which one should be used in SWD mode?

Honestly I probably would have guessed the JTAG/SWD JTAG_RESET should be hooked to the MCU’s RST like it’s shown in our docs, but that image above has been known to have worked for a customer in another SWD application which is why I grabbed it. Now looking at official STM docs, it appears the RST line on the SWD programmer should be hooked to the MCU’s RST, so ignore the RST to D3 in that image and hook it to the RST pin on the Photon :wink:

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