Connect the NO2 gas sensor MiCS-2714 (Environmental project)


hi there.
I’m trying to use mics 2714 to create an air quality measurement circuit.
The problem is not the circuit itself (power, connections, etc) but its non-linearity!
The datasheet has got only a graphic about Rs/R0 ratio in relation to NO2 concentration but I need a formula to be implemented into microcontroller.
Thereover, does this sensor need any temperature or humidity compensation?
The goal is to measure the absolut value of NO2 concentration.
Can anyone help me?

Thanks (and sorry for my English :pensive:)


Ciao @kyeraf. I believe we are trying to do the same thing: getting an absolute value of NO2, in may case to build an outdoor air quality device. I don’t know how to send PM but I’m based in Milano and I’m going to start working in a fablab here to make it done. Replay me if you are interested on sharing problems/solutions/progress of the projects. I believe it will be useful if we join forces.



Hi Fosforo2,
I’m interested to sharing with you, or anyone, progress and work.
I live in Palermo in this moment and the project is in the startup and component selection phase.



hello good afternoon I want to know about the NO2 sensor series since 2714 MICS not understand how I connect resistances as mentioned or if I can connect directly to the Arduino I need to program, my email is

It is of utmost urgency

Thanks for your comprehension


Did you make any progress? How is mapping the non-linear behaviour of NO2 sensor progressing? Do you care to share your results and perhaps have some suggestions?


Hi kyraf :slight_smile:
I am working on a wireless sensor network for pollution detection in my city and I am using MICS4514 for NO2-CO gas detection,MICS2614 for O3 and MQ136 for H2S.I did power regression for the curves in the datasheets to be able to have ppm value from Rs/R0 value but I have a problem finding data about temperature compensation in these sensors datasheets and application notes.Do you care to share your results and perhaps have some suggestions?


did you get in contact with the others? I’m interested in your experience about your messurements…


I did the power supply circuit as per datasheet and find that sensor resistance varies continuously , that is it increases , when power supply is pulsed say 1 sec on and 14 sec off Rs is somewhat stable


Hi all, not sure how active this thread still is but I’m also trying to use the MICS-4514 on a CJMCU-4541 breakout board on a Pi Zero in python and an ESP32.
Probably the closest info I’ve found around on connecting this board is

He also has links to background info about going from raw readings to NO2 levels (but I need to get my device connected and outputting values first ;-))