Communicate to core through mini access point

Whats the best way to communicate to the Core through an AP to my Android without using the cloud.
Since the Photon was delayed, I would like to use an AP’
Currently I’m using the cloud to communicate with my Core with JSON to a webpage. Now I want to modify this to communicate to my Android on the same network. Users can download the ap and send http post to Core’s IP to get data from Core.
Thanks for any help

Have you had a look at the TCPClient/TCPServer objects provided by the firmware?

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I was wondering if you might know of any simple examples of a local html wepbage using tcp to communicate to the Core.?

Thanks again

I’m not exactly sure if this is what you’re looking for, but have a look in these threads

and these repos (available on WebIDE too)

Thanks for the information. I like spark-web-embd-rest-json and will implement with my android and webpage. But this will handle just a single session. Right?

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I guess so, but how about time multiplexing different sessions?