Can I use particle photon like Arduino to control water level on a tank (Without Internet/cloud connections)?

Anything is possible, but I have to ask why? The Particle cloud is extremely reliable and has been thoroughly tested over the years. Do you have a reason not to filter your App to Particle traffic through the Particle cloud?

If you just really do not want to use the Particle cloud or any other cloud for remote device communication then you will need to setup port forwarding on the network router the Particle module is connected to. You will also want to make sure your ISP supplies you with a Static IP address so it does not change. You can then have the Particle module listen on a TCP socket and forward that socket on your router. Then the app can remotely connect to the IP assigned to you by the ISP over the port number you forwarded on the router and the module is listening on. That really is the only way to do something like this without using a cloud server of some sort.

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