Battery Charge doesn't work if starting when EN grounded

@ielec, great work drilling down on why enableBuck() helps !

I’m still unsure on the reasons behind the different results between landing the source on Vin/Vusb verses the microUSB Connector. It seems the only physical difference is the diode, as mentioned previously.

Now might be a great time to determine and officially document the various use-cases and how DeviceOS handles these now and in the future (if possible on the OS side).

  • Vin/Vusb verses microUSB connector
  • DC power supply (stable voltage) verses Solar Power (where DPM manages the current to maintain input V)

That’s (4) primary Input Combinations.
Throw in Mode1/Mode2 (API vs PMIC) for each means 8 use-cases.

Now consider EN Pin Shutdown, Stop Sleep, and Hibernate Sleep.
That’s 24 cases, but should cover just about any install imaginable.

But moving forward, most folks will likely concentrate on the new API, so we could scratch the PMIC calls (mode 2 tests) … and we’re back down to 12 cases to cover the Input Type & Location, along with EN Shutdown & Sleep modes.

Am I missing anything?

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