Adafruit Led Matrix 8x8

Someone has use this Adafruit: with Spark Core ?

@blondie63, there is a library in the IDE called Adafruit_LEDBackpack for this product. :smile:

I've tried to use it but there are many missing files (lib) like Wprogram.h and other
How can i use it? is there a complete working sample ?

There’s a version modified for the SparkCore, available on GitHub, works for me.


That’s the library I ported and put up for my Time and Temp project quite a while back (before there were libraries in the webIDE). I thought that the library was available in the webIDE from someone else but I am hearing that it is not. I will have a look at that.

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I’ve tried also this project
But it does’nt work, many errors like ‘getTemp’ was not declared in this scope
the function getTemp is on file…

is there a complete and working sample ? :slight_smile:

That exact code is running on a core right next to me now, so I don’t think it is a problem with the code per se.

Are you putting that code timentemp.cpp into a .cpp file? You should choose a .ino file since the webIDE treats those differently. Otherwise you will have to #include "application.h" to that file. You need to add all the libraries which in the webIDE you can do with the circle plus at the top of the editor screen and then cut and paste in .h and .cpp files. As I said, this is from before there were libraries available in the webIDE. I will try to get this updated.

I found this library via one of your answers here in the community forum. So here’s a big thank you for your work!

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I’ve tried sparkdev and webide
on webide i’ve renamed timentemp.cpp into timentemp.ino
i’ve tried to include all requested lib but does’nt work…

Is there a guide to understand how to use all extensions (.ino .cpp .h etc etc) ?

I recently made a project to monitor the international space station with IFTTT integration. I used the single color 8x8 matrix, the code should be similar for the bi-colored version.

Here is the repo:

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Thanks… i’ve a working code now ! :smiley: