The Spark Core Firmware

Awexome! Thanks Dave :slight_smile: I put the binaries in my PATH and they work. Just had to install the Zatig WinUSB driver for the CORE DFU device that pops up with you put the :spark: Core into DFU mode (Flashing Yellow). Built the master branch and I’ve got Tinker loaded as expected.

Earlier I had replaced the SPARK CORE WITH WIFI device that is present when the Core has booted, with the Zatig WinUSB driver. So I’m guessing I should put the other driver back that creates the USB to Serial Bridge.

One problem I am now having is when I try to rebuild the project again by typing make in the core-firmware\build directory, I get this error:
obj/src/application.o.d:1: *** multiple target patterns. Stop.

Also can anyone comment on about how long it takes to compile the sources this way? I will time mine again when I get it working, but it seems to take quite a while longer than the web IDE.