Xenons having trouble joining Argon Mesh

  1. Fix the initial setup process. I haven’t been able to get any xenons successfully join a mesh set up on an argon.

Hey there! Moved this to a new topic so that we can more effectively troubleshoot. @ParticleD or @mstanley would one of you jump in here?

The problem was that the android app downloads newer firmware onto the Argon. The Argon then goes into breathing cyan mode. The Argon needs to be placed into the blue flashing listening mode before it will allow the Xenons to join the mesh. A lot of frustration could have been avoided if Particle published a Quick Start page with up to date setup instructions.

Incidentally, the video animations in the Android app don’t play on my phone (LG Fiesta2).

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Hey there woodwhcker,

The language in regards to the “commissioner” device is not always as intuitive as it ought to be. I believe there has been discussion in changing the language in the mobile apps.

In regards to the videos not playing, I believe this is something @jensck should be aware of.

:+1: yikes, would not have figured this out in a million years without this thread…