XENON SD Card and Ethernet not working

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Thank you @ndan. I hope this works as it is a serious limitation.


I realized later that my circuit would have no effect on how the SPI lines took control. What I ended up doing was modifying the DeviceOS, building locally. I changed d4 (interrupt) to d6 and d3 (reset) to d7. This frees up SPI1 to use.


We had a similar problem. We wanted to have Ethernet and SPI1 for something else which we could not do because the Ethernet Featherwing was using the SPI1 pins for reset and interrupt. We fixed it by making a change in the Device OS. We are using a Xenon with Device OS 1.1.1. The file where you can change the Ethernet pinout can be found in the Device OS folder.

If you are using the Visual Studio Code Workbench, any toolchain that is installed will be saved in your C drive.
Go to your C drive -> Users -> username -> .particle -> toolchains -> deviceOS -> 1.1.1 -> firmware 1.1.1 -> hal -> src -> Xenon -> network.cpp.
You can change the pins in the cpp file. Once you made the changes, go to Visual Studio, open the command palette, use Particle Compile Application and Device OS, and then Flash Application and Device OS local.

You will also have to cut the traces in the featherwing and jumper wire them to the pins that you want. We chose to change the reset and interrupt to A3 and A4. After we did this, we were able to use SPI (Ethernet) and SPI1 at the same time.

Hope that helps and thanks ScruffR because you helped us out a lot.