Xenon OS Downgrade

I have 3 Xenon that are part of a mesh network. They are running OS 1.2.0. I would like to downgrade the OS to 1.1.0. I visited the Device OS updates thread and found information related to downgrading photon/electron etc. Searching the community I could not find anything specific to Xenon.

It appears to me that if I downgrade I must flash any .bin files in reverse order. My questions are
-where can I find the link to those files

  • do I need to downgrade to 0.7.0 first or does that not apply to the Xenon?

Thanks in advance

Gen3 device OS is (currently) only one single module (so reverse order for one item doesn’t make a lot of sense :wink: )

The binary can be found here

AFAICT there is no need to go to 0.7.0 for Gen3 - particularly since there never was a 0.7.0 for those devices.
The first official realease for Gen3 was 0.9.0.

Thanks @ScruffR. I’ll download and flash the file you have referenced in the link. I appreciate your help

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