Xenon not pingable


I have 2 xenons connected in a mesh network with a third xenon which is serving as gateway using ethernet module. Both the xenons are breathing cyan but when I try to signal them from the web id, nothing happens. Even if I try to flash it fails. what could be the problem ?

My experience with an Argon and 4 Xenons is that this can happen if they are either too close or too far from each other. Too close is less than 20-40cm, but I have not yet gotten signal strength implemented to confirm.

In my case all of them are next to each other, but why should they behave like this even if they are close to each other.

With sensitive receivers for long range, it is not uncommon for development devices with radio modules, to be able to overpower each others receiver, when placed right next to each other and communicating. It may be a matter of refinement later on with adjustments in firmware.

I can’t know if this is the main problem here, but I would place them about 50 cm’s apart or a bit more to rule that out.

The problem is not the closeness, I observed that the moment I add the 9th xenon to a mesh the network misbehaves. The mesh is working fine with 8 Xenons.

I have added this 9th xenon to another mesh and it works fine.

Hey there,

If you recently have reset all of your devices and attempt to ping it, do you notice this issue? Or is this only after a while of inactivity?

As a note of interest, I would like to know if you reset your gateway and Nodes–if you are able to ping them within 20 minutes of the reset.

Do let me know what you find!

Yes, I am able to ping as far as the mesh network is made of eight devices. The moment I add the 9th devices some of the devices cannot ping.

Hey Abhinshek,

Thanks for the update. I know this may seem like an odd question, but could you try reversing the order of how you add the nodes to the network?

It is a rare case (I’ve only seen it once before), but I did have an incident once where a particular node would cause interference to other nodes and they would have trouble communicating.

The “9th node” that’s causing issues, what happens to the rest of the mesh network when you add it earlier in the sequence (does it bring down it’s other nodes when it is added 3rd,4th, or 5th?)

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