Xbmc service addon for showing spark.publish()

Hi all!

I just made a service addon for xbmc to show spark.publish events…
You can set filters to only show certain events.

Made it for myself but I thought I would share it if anyone else was interested…


That’s pretty awesome!

Thanx! :smile:

Hope it works like it should… I haven’t tested it that much… just made it today…

This is awesome… XBMC is one of my favorite programs!

and i can think of so many uses for the notification… i can never hear things in the kitchen when sitting in front of my TV. I could put sensors on the kettle, toaster, microwave etc so they let me know when they are done!

so many useful projects coming up on this forum, im gonna need more sparks!

Love the spark logo in the notification too.


Sweet! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

What could be awesome was if it could also send out, like… call a function with Play/Pause/Stop depending on what is done so the spark core could dim lights when a movie was started, and turn them up again if the movie was paused or stopped.

Might also need some way of telling what is started movie/music/slideshow?

http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=JSON-RPC_API/v6 would be a good place to start, i have bookmarks on my laptop i use to play/pause, saves me hunting for the remote when someone calls. works well to send to XBMC, and im sure you can check status etc, but i think the core will have to ask…

I am not a fan of something having to ask for a status of something for two reasons. First reason is that it slows responsiveness down, because the status could change 1ms after it was just asked for, then wont get noticed until next time asked. Second reason is that having to ask over and over and over, and just get the same status back 99% of the time, is in my head stupid.

Anyone got children? “Are we there yet?” :wink:

Hi all… I’ve looked into the send function in the addon… but I just don’t have the time right now…
I found this…

and this

I should work… but don’t have the time to experiment right now…
I should have some time next week to do some tests… anyone else is free to continue the addon :smile:

That looks awesome! would be perfect to send door bell notifications to the TV :slight_smile: