Wiring of gold coloured pin holes in asset tracker shield


Strangely, I figured out that there is some voltage (approx 1.5V) on the gold coloured pins adjacent to female header pins on Asset Tracker Shield. (Highlighted in red in the figure below)

Can someone please advice if these pins are connected to their adjacent header pins ?

Is there a wiring diagram on how these gold coloured pins are connected internally ?


Thanks, but the schematics shown in the pdf don’t give info on the gold coloured pin holes, that I am referring to.

If you really want to check, you will need to take a look at the schematic/board files.

The highlighted holes correspond to the header pins they’re closest to. They’re there so you can solder male header pins on the bottom so you can stick the asset tracker into a breadboard, a larger prototyping board, or a custom printed circuit board.


Thank you.