windows7 Photon driver installation "access is denied" [Solved]

When I try to install the Photon driver, so I have virtual COM port, I get “access is denied.”
During Driver Update, for window "Update Driver Software - Photon with WiFi
I choose this (note: “driver has Authenticode signature”

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Can you run it as administrator?

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Still access is denied.
I did:
Start > Control Panel > Device Drivers > Run as admin

I selected Photon.inf

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Today, I successfully installed the driver onto my Windows-7 laptop.
I tried again to install the Particle Driver onto my Windows-7 Desktop, but again got “Access is denied”.

NOTE: On same desktop, I have also been doing development on an STM eval board using mbed IDE and associated virtual com port. Could this cause a conflict with Particle?

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Do you know why @douglaskbell can’t install the drivers on his desktop?

@nrobinson2000, I’ve been watching this thread and holding off. In my experience, windows can be a pain with COM ports. In cases like these I would normally run this from a command prompt running as adminstrator:

set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1

Then in device manager, select “Show hidden devices” and delete all photon/electron/core related COM ports and their drivers. I usually disconnect all my devices before I do that. After that, I replug devices and let the drivers reinstall themselves or, when necessary, reload the Particle drivers manually. If that doesn’t clear things up, you may need to enable unsigned drivers.


Also just to make sure, the driver zip was completely unpacked and not only in a temp directory of Explorer :wink:

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@douglaskbell, were you able to get the drivers installed?

I did what peekay123 said: delete all the particle COM ports (right click delete), but still get “Access is denied” when I do Update Driver Software - Phton with WiFi.

Is it possible to run the driver update with admin privaledges? I will try…

Ah, hah!
PROBLEM: My folder that contains the driver was encrypted, and possibly read-only.
SOLUTION: Made it writable and non-encrypted.


Sounds good!

@ScruffR The drivers (three versions) down load to a Temp file. How do I get them installed.?

By following the instructions :sweat_smile:?
If you do get stuck somewhere, let us know where and how.

get stuck installing on Wondows 7 x64.
It doesn’t find the driver in Spark directory.