Will "drop in" meshes be possible?

I can’t seem to find any information so if someone could point me in the right direction that would help a ton.

I am currently working on a system that plans to have Boron(s) as the coordinator/gateway and several xenons. Is there a way or future plans to set up each Boron with a name and a password and have the xenons self join without the need for outside influence?

I am trying to think of a plan to deploy meshes without needing to have someone (ie me) personally install the mesh each time. Ideally I could have code something like mesh.listAvailable() and mesh.join(“name”,“pwd”);

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I think this is a fairly popular feature request. I do not believe a self-joining mesh feature is on the short term plans. They are planning an alternate configuration process (most likely via CLI). With the alt setup, you may be able to configure an endpoint before shipping to a customer… but the more likely scenario would be to send the customer a script they could run with device in-hand. And that’s all very speculative. What your asking for doesn’t exist yet and won’t for some time.