WIfi enabled camera -> Photon -> OLED

Good morning from Sunny OZ,

I have a project that I am starting and there are a couple of things that I would love to get some guidance on if you would be so kind.

Whilst swimming at a beach in Mare I discovered at the bottom of the sea a camera - I thought it was a go-pro but it turns out to be a knock off.

The camera records to a SD card and you can put it into WIFI mode where if I connect via my MAC it brings up (enumerates?) the SD Card as a drive.

There is no display screen on the camera - which is where the project starts.

I have a SSD1351 128x128 OLED which I will put on the photon which I would like to use for ‘playback’

The project would initialise and await the user to push a button. This would disconnect from the normal house wifi (if connected) and connect to the camera (Problem 1 - how could I get to see the drive? - Is this a standard wifi protocol?)

Assuming I can see the drive, I would probably take a fork of SDfat and hack it to process the spanking new drive, and display on the OLED the actual filenames.

Selecting a file would then open the file , decode the mpeg video and reduce the frame(s) to 128/128 and push them to the oled (dunno if I can get them out fast enough for real-time - That may be the showstopper problem).

At the conclusion of viewing the file, would go back to the menu and allow the user to push a button to disconnect from the camera and reconnect to the normal wifi.

Simplistically, I would like to get a display of what has been recorded like a camera with an inbuilt screen.

The main issue as mentioned above is - how after connecting to WIFI can I see the drive - has anyone anything to offer here?

All the best


After checking, the camera is a Migear ExtremeX

I think this will be too much for the Photon

nevermind "recoding" :wink:

About the network drive, what protovol does the camera use to expose its SD? FTP, CIFS, SMB, samba, ...
These are all TCP based, but would require some protocol implementation which might be too much for the Photon in some cases but feasible for others.

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@Stan, these are not the Photons you are looking for. Please move along :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the response - agree that it may be too much for the photon - but I will never know Until I try (one can learn a lot from a successful failure!)

The point about the protocol however is good - I will see if I can find out


<Insert picture of Homer Simpson here - Doh!>

At this stage I will not be doing anything for the project.

Simple reason is that there is Iphone S/W that allows you to control the camera - and will display the current video being recorded.

In addition video’s can be downloaded into the pictures (video) library on the Iphone.

Once again - Doh!


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