Why limit user access to OS API?

fatal error: semphr.h: No such file or directory?
undefined reference to `os_semaphore_give’ ?

Is there a question/explanation to this? We’re not here to guess.


This thread is missing the required context.

  • Which OS are you refering to?
  • How are you building what soft-/firmware?
  • What tools are you using?

Assuming you are talking about Particle firmware (esp. FreeRTOS):
There is a difference between “limiting access” and not exposing APIs.
Due to the modular nature of the Device OS on Particle devices application firmware needs to dynamically link to system functions and in order for that to happen the dynamic link needs to be exposed. Since that does impact module size and performance, it’s just not wise to expose each and every possible API on the off chance that it may be needed once in a blue moon.

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Thanks and Never mind,I can access to these API with 0.6.4 version.Maybe it is the time to move to new version.