Why is the hook-response data "undefined"?


I’m trying to send something to a web service, and in looking at the logs, my data has a valid number, and the response indicates that the service received the data and echoed it back (which is good); but in between, the hook-sent says that the data is “undefined”. I’ve noticed this also in the documentation example.

Can someone please explain to me why that is happening?

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It’s best to not think of undefined as an error. It means that no data has been defined. The hook-sent event is not intended to have any data, so not having any data defined is not an error. It just has no data and that’s how it works.

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there is no data in a “hook-sent” event, so it shows as undefined.

That is a “particle-internal” event… an ack that the hook was sent to your desired server.

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Thanks for the explanation, r7 and BL. If the data doesn’t have a value, however, then why is it included? Is there a standard for webhooks that mandates this, or is it for future expansion, or something else?

@mprogers, if you subscribe to the hook-sent event, it is a simple way to verify that the webhook actually fired. There are many of these types of events which can be used by the device or by a server. :wink:


For compatibility reason. It’s easier not to remove stuff from the public interface that someone might depend on.


That makes perfect sense, and thanks, everyone, for your helpful replies.