Why does my device keep flashing green?

Hi there guys I am very new to this Photon… I was able to get it to connect now I have a flashing green light. While I have read what the problems could be there is no indication as to how to fix it?

This ‘thing’ is a bit too vague to offer any solution whatsoever. Blinking green means it’s trying to connect to wifi, so I’m guessing you didn’t quite manage to get it connected either.
We’ll need some more info to work with.

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Sorry I ment to add that I was working with the Photon…

ok, so it turns out whenever I get to “device ownership” the app gives me an “X” and fails, and now I have the blinking green light again? :neutral_face:

You may need to make sure your network fulfills these prerequisites

Having more info about your setup (WiFi, OS, system version, ...) is always a minimum requirement for helping to troubleshoot

Thank’s I will have look at that now, I have an older modem, but my extension modems are newer and probably meeting all minimum requirements. OSX 10.9.5 and IOS 10

ok not sure where to get the info for the modem… “sigh”

what device are you trying to connect the photon to?

I am not trying to connect it to anything, all I want to use it for is to trigger some commands on my computer, so all need is for the buttons to send a signal through the USB…

could you describe a “for instance” in which your photon does exactly what you wanted it do?