Which mode should I use for listening for remote calls


I want my Electron device listening for remote calls all the time. So which Electron mode should I use? Can I let Electron enter any type of sleep modes?

What’s the best mode? I want it can receive remote calls all the time, but has the minimal power consumption.

Would this be internet calls or possibly SMS?

internet calls.

Then there’s very little you can do I’m afraid. If it need to always be listening, it’ll need to be connected all the time. Perhaps using the STOP mode on the micro-controller is an option, though I doubt it’d make much of a difference since the cellular modem is by far the biggest power hog.

What are you trying to do that requires this constant listening?

This way I can send control messages to the Electron device as I want. After receiving the control messages, Electron devices can do real control to many things.

There are other “sleep” modes or power saving modes in the works.
One proposed way is slowing down the system clock.
But these won’t be available before 0.6.0 and even then it’s not clear yet which of them will be available then.

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So what can I use for now?

Unfortunately, not much. The electron is intended to be more of a ‘sleepy’ device. It sleeps for a certain amount of time, wakes up, does the things it needs to do, and goes back to sleep. That’s the best way to preserve power.
Having it on all the time listening for potential calls is inherently very power hungry. Even the mentioned changes such as lower clocks speeds will most likely not make that much of a difference, since it’s the radio that uses most energy.
The best way to conserve energy is to have it sleep, wake up, check a server to see if a command has been given, and act accordingly, after which it goes to sleep again.

What differences if using SMS?

SMS are treated by the cellular modem direct and it can issue an interrupt to wake the µC which in turn can request the SMS data which got stored on the modem.
UDP packets need the µC to be processed.

I have two questions related to your feedback.

1, how can I send SMS messages to Electron devices?

2, do you have any sample code of handling SMS of Electron devices?


  1. only with 3rd party SIMs
  2. there is a thread about that on the firum, I just don’t recall the link (search can help)