Where to find Particle's own time library to use in projects on the Particle Dev platform

I would like to use the functions like “Time.hour( )” in my project inside the Particle Dev.
This function is described in the “Particle Reference Documentation” under “Firmware”.
Where can I download the necessary library to use it in my project, that I would like to create using the “offline” Particle Dev App.

Hi @Jimmy

Two points:

  • The Time library is built-in: you just use it. If you are using it in a C++ library then you need to add #include 'Particle.h' to your header file, but in your main sketch with setup() and loop() you can just use it.

  • The Particle Dev App is not really completely offline. You edit on your computer but compile in the cloud. If you want a totally offline environment, you can get that following the instructions to install gcc on your computer and download the firmware git repository, but in most cases Particle Dev does what you want.