Where to buy the sparkCore PCB?

I mean, where can I find cheap manufacturers from china to ship international?
Wanted to buy some to assemble some cores. How cheap are they? googled it and found out that four layered pcbs are somewhat expensive

This guys does small batches of 4 layer pcb to a really good price. So if you just want to have a couple this could be a good solution http://oshpark.com/

OSHpark is also where I got my Spark Core PCBs to build some by hand: https://community.spark.io/t/building-two-spark-cores-by-hand/299

They were $11.30 for 3 ($3.77 each) and made in the USA.

@BDub yes! I’m trying to do some by hand as well, your thread was very encouraging!

Guess I’m gunna buy from there, thanks guys

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