Where is the Source for the Android and IOS Applications

Where can I find Source for the Android and IOS Applications?

Hi @david_s5, we’re still blocked by some licensing issues around TI’s Smart Config library. As I mentioned in a December blog post, open sourcing these apps is high on our priority list. You can expect the Android app, in some form, sooner, and then the iOS app a bit later.

Hey all,
I’m also interested in the Android app being open sourced, but in the mean time I’ve had a look at the Android sample code from TI for the CC3000 and got that compiled and working - which means I can use android to set the spark cores Wifi settings and it connects to the network. (I can’t share this code due to licensing but anyone can request it from TI)

Does anyone know the best way of getting the IP address of the core? I don’t think the TI code can do this, I think I need to use something else. Looking at the core firmware it seems to use multicast DNS which I think is relevant. Can anyone (from the Spark team or not) share their experience of getting this to work?


@david_s5 @ChrisM Open source Android app now available!

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Awesome! Thank you very much for this and all your efforts!

Any update on the iOS Source Code?

Hey @arun - sorry for the delay here, the iOS source code is delayed because we haven’t been able to prioritize the work of preparing it, which is basically ripping out the bits and pieces that we can’t re-distribute without a license. I think at this point our best estimate is June.