Where is the Relay Shield Schematic?

Where is the Relay Shield schematic?


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You might want to edit the title of this post, if possible. At the moment it’s rather confusing since it’s different from your actual question.
Well, for anybody looking: http://docs.spark.io/shields/#relay-shield Those are the docs, and Hypnopompia posted the link to the schematics, as per request of Boulderwalker.


Made the necessary change @Moors7 Thanks!


I will ask my question in a different way. I just received my Relay Shield and a new black core. I am looking for Relay Shield documentation that will tell how to operate the pair. A schematic or software spec for the Relay Shield would show the core pins controlling the relays. I have been to the Github relay shield site and can find only Gerber files that I cannot display. I am requesting user documentation for the Relay Shield.

Hello Steve,
As previously mentioned by @Moors7, http://docs.spark.io/shields/#relay-shield gives the complete description of the Relay Shield with an example code to get you started.

Pins D0, D1, D2 and D3 of the Core control the four relays, 1 to 4 on the shield.

The schematic and pcb files are available in EAGLE .sch and .brd file format.

Please let us know if the information is enough and if not, how could we make it better?



The docs page is exactly what I was looking for.i did not look carefully enough at your previous posted URL thinking it was the github Gerber files. I am very surprised to find the Relay Shield docs on docs.spark.io because I searched this page extensively a few days ago and did not find the Relay Shield. Thanks, you have answered my question.