What mode is my Photon in with these LED flashing

I have a Photon app operating 24 x 7 for the last 4 months. It has been working fine publishing events when necessary but never more than a couple of events in 15 minutes… But today it stopped operating and the Green LED was flashing rapidly, and the Blue LED was flashing rapidly. If the Green LED is flashing rapidly I assume that it lost the connection to my WiFi access point. But with the Blue LED flashing rapidly at the same time I question what is going on. My application never blinks the Blue LED more than 4 times per second. This was blinking more rapidly so it is not the application blinking the Blue LED, and besides, I believe if the Wifi signal is lost, the application stops running until connectivity is reestablished. So what is the combination of

    Green LED - blinking fast
    Blue LED - blinking fast