What is the maximum capacity of the battery shield?

i got to work on the GPS that needs 5V, i just bought a universal adapter, set it to 5V and connected the positve to VIN (GPS) negative to GND(GPS) to the adapter. before that, im powering the core to a 220V outlet, i just plugged the VIN to the 5V and the GND to the core and still no fix. just this morning i did the impossible.

now i think the only way to power up the core and the GPS is to ask you guys that what is the maximum capacity of the battery shield to power up 5V and the 44mAH power consumption of the GPS and also specially the core. thanks!

@mohit and @will, any idea? :wink:

Hey guys!

@mohit can confirm better than I, but based on the datasheet for the TPS61200 (boost converter on the BShield), it looks like it can source up to 600mA at 5V, which should be enough for the combined power of the Core + GPS.