So I was going through the develop branch of the firmware, and while looking at the platform definitions, there are two definitions for PLATFORM_TEACUP_PIGTAIL_DEV and PLATFORM_TEACUP_PIGTAIL_PRODUCTION. Can anyone say what they are? I’m mainly just curious, because it appears that whatever they are, they run on the STMF2xx, and they seem to have SPI flash attached.

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@mumblepins, I can’t tell for sure and I would NOT depend on these flags but if SPI flash is involved it is most likely for the P1 module. :smile:

That’s the odd part, there’s already a flag for the P1 module (8).


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I took a look at the platform-id.mk file and it appears that they are just another P1 module. Probably a name used in development. Welp, curiosity satisfied.

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nothing too exciting, just an internal development name for a project we did for a client based on the P1. Nothing to see here, these aren’t the droids you’re looking for :wink: