What hardware and software do I need?

Me and my local library want to come up with a system that does the following.

The idea is to develop a couple kiosk which looks similar to this http://screencast.com/t/UP42exwXv

The kiosk will have a big sign that says let me help you find your book. The system will search through the library’s database and tell the user what isle the book is in.

We are aiming to have 4 touch screen kiosks and a central software installed in the back management office that can update all kiosks at once if needed over wifi. For example if the library gets a new book in. The manager would go to the back office, enter the book and the isle the book is in. Then use the software to update all the kiosks systems.

@wonderd, you may want to consider using tablets!

Yes that also came to mind. Would it have to be a branded tablet like an ipad or android? Or something else that can run open source software?

Appreciate your input!

@wonderd, Android is open-source and easy to develop for. :smile:

Would you suggest a regular tablet from walmart with android pre-installed? Or would I get a tablet without any software and I install android myself?

I would like to do this for other companies so I would like to buy the tablets in bulk or wholesale pricing. Not sure I could do that buying retail tablets.

What about making a webapp? Those are system-independent and will run on anything. No cross-device compatibility issues, and the backend system can also be accessed over the Web without having to write all sorts of different software. Good old html/css/javascript :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the suggestion. But what hardward would you recommend for something like this?

Anything with a screen and input capabilities should do. That’s the beauty of a web app, no hardware restrictions as long as it can open a webpage. Touchscreens will work, but a regular mouse will also be okay.
As far as hosting the web app, you could have your own server, or go with something like heroku.

I guess since it a library they dont have a huge budget. Apparently this is a good and affordable large tablet :


What type of hardware is needed for something a little more industrial? For example what this company is doing http://goo.gl/prpC00 If you scroll down it says “19” Wide Viewing Angle Touch Screen"

Appreciate the back and forth and suggestions.

Well, if you want something with a 19" touchscreen, you’d probably need a 19" touchscreen :wink: And something to drive it. A computer, or perhaps even a raspberry pi (or similar computer on a board thingy). Depending on what you’re using for the software, being able to access the Internet is the minimum requirement. Or at least a local network with a database etc.