What functions are not available on the SOM vs e-series?

I am looking to update our design to potentially use the SOM vs the e-series and am wondering if there is a comprehensive list of differences that need to be accounted for.

For example, our e-series uses the real-time clock with a backup battery but the SOM does not support this so an external RTC needs to be developed and used.

I am wondering if there are any other things that I would need to account for.

There’s always the docs :wink:

Thanks but I didnt see any info in the docs that explain breaking changes going from the eseries established design to the new SOM.

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After more digging there few features available with the Eseries but not the Boron.

  1. No RTC on the Boron. No deepsleep for x seconds available without an externa RTC.
  2. No Retained variables on the Boron. Need sepearte FRAM etc.

But I am not positive these are the only things.

The SOM series do not have a PMIC or battery fuel gauge built in so you have to provide your own battery or power supply to run them.

This gives you some flexibilty if you do not need battery power or if you want to use a different battery chemistry than Li-Ion.