What firmware is flashed when you re-flash tinker from the app

Hi all,

building a product based on tinker and, partly because I was reading the connectivity problems that are solved in the latest firmware, have a question:

“When re-flashing tinker from the app, what version of the firmware is used?”

I understand that the current (0.4.5?) version of the firmware is automatically flashed when using the web IDE and dev, so it would make sense that this also happens when re-flashing from the app, but I just wanted to be sure.



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Why would you do that :see_no_evil:? Tinker is great for Tinkering, and it’s lovely to play around with if you’ve just gotten your device, but for any meaningful application, you’re probably better of writing your own code.

The web IDE will actually allow you to choose what version you’d like to flash. I think that DEV will automatically choose the latest version.

I don’t think that the app will trigger a system firmware upgrade at the moment. This might be implemented in the future though. That said, if you flash your devices from the web IDE once, they should be on the latest version. Once again, for any real-world applications, I feel like you’re better of writing your own firmware, but I’ll leave that up to you to decide. I’ve asked the folks at Particle what’s up with the app, and will let you know if/when I hear back :smile:

hi @Moors7,

the product that we are working on is an add-on to the photon that should work out of the box without any firmware update from the user. And we also do not want to have a custom version of the photon for this. I’ll (of course) update the community as soon as we have more news (cause we believe it will be very cool).

which reminds me: when you first connect your photon and claim it, you automatically get an OTA firmware update: I guess that will also be the latest (released, not pre) version, right?


Hi all,

this is the project I talked about: an intro into the photon, no coding required mains switch: http://www.instructables.com/id/Christmas-Tree-Controlled-From-Phone-No-Coding-Req/

Nice project!

One thing I do like to note: please, for your sake, and everyone who will attempt this: do NOT mess with mains unless you’re qualified. Mains will not only kill you, but it’ll hurt the whole time you’re dying. Please consult a qualified electrician if you feel uncomfortable handling mains. When in doubt, don’t take the risk!

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what @Moors7 says!