What does solid dark blue light mean on the photon?

I’ve got my Photon hooked up to a BME280 weather sensor. It was working fine last night, sending its data to Ubidots, so I left it on overnight. I’ve got RGB.control(true); in the void loop section to turn off the bright breathing cyan LED, so it’s normally just off… I woke up in the morning to find said LED a solid dark blue - like the dark blue it gets in listening mode, only solid, not flashing. This isn’t listed in any of the colour code guides I could find about the Photon, and it coincided with my device not working - it stopped updating at about 5AM. I rebooted it and it is happily updating just fine again.

Any idea what the solid dark blue light indicates?

Unfortunately it looks like this mode (solid blue) is undocumented because it doesn’t actually relate to a state, it indicates that either the user is overriding the color state (which you were sort of doing) or that the device is “locked up”. Sadly I don’t have additional information. Let us know if it happens again?