What does Soft AP need from the Customer?

We are making a product and trying to define the relationship between the deviceId, productId and access tokens. Our current flow is thus:

  • Customer registers to our site
  • We ask customer to enter the custom serial number printed on their product
  • Our servers call into Particle’s dashboard API and obtain the deviceId for the given serial number and maps the deviceId to the customer
  • The App/site shows message “sucessfully added device”, click here to Pair now
  • Customer clicks on the Pair Now button

I am not clear from this stage onwards as what we need to provide to initiate the Soft AP pairing, when we call the Device Setup SDK, what does it need us to provide?

  • is the pairing agnostic to the deviceID?
  • All the customer needs to do is to follow the steps in the UI?
  • What steps does the UI ask for?
  • How does it differentiate if the customer has more than one photon?
  • During somepoint in the pairing flow, Can we set a custom SSID to the photon so that the customer can give it the name they want?

Sorry for appearing confused but i couldn’t find good documentation on this, so appreciate any help here.