What can we expect from Particle in the near future?

Is there anything interesting we can expect? Like a new cloud, better IDE experience(code completion, highlight), cloud service, device, Blynk alternative optimized for Particle … etc?

What do you mean with that, and what’s wrong with the current cloud?

If I’m not mistaken, that’s being worked on.

Integrations are being worked on for the dashboard if I recall correctly.

Would be interesting, but with the Electron being released not too long ago, I think they’re currently in the stabilization phase, as announced some time ago.

Again, what’s wrong with the current Blynk, which seems to work with Particle already?

Elaborating on any of the above would be appreciated, since the question is rather broad.

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It was kind of intentionally broad :smile: … I just wanted to know is there something exciting coming up …
By “new cloud” I just meant new cloud services … that was a bit of a typo
Blynk alternative because I’m assuming in a general sense, that there’s gotta be way to improve on it if it’s specific and more concerned with one particular platform.
( Even though I’m always for a standard and a single way of doing things which is what Blynk offers with its compatibility with other devices)

I don’t know particle plans, but we are going to release particle provisioning from Blynk app :wink:

It’s a part of a important release for app exporting, which will allow anyone build a product with Particle, build an app for it with Blynk and publish it as your own business app to App Store and Google Play