What camera module can i use with Electron particle 3G


I haven’t heard of BMP. In my case I don’t mind if it’s slow. Do you mean go for serial camera module? What do you think of camera module i have listed above? Thank you very much.


Yes, you have. BitMaP is what you’d use for your still pictures.


Since the Spark Core people have wanted to use a camera to snap and send pictures.

So far to my knowledge nobody has been able to get a camera mated with any of the Particle platforms.

I would love to see this happen one day though. Even if its not a hi resolution image.


@RWB So no alternatives at all huh?


I’m sure somebody could make one work but so far nobody has to my knowledge.

People normally just say use a Rasberry Pi since it’s better suited for the job.


Oh ok i see…The issue is i want to be able to send the image to the web through 3G only, not wifi nor bluetooth…


Yea the pictures just turns into data like all other data so it does not matter if its 3G, Wifi, or Bluetooth. It’s just that the 3G data rates get expensive if the images are large and frequent.

I’m sure it can be done but I’m not the guy for the job unfortunately.


Yes, @kennethlimcp did ages ago (and I did with the same camera module too), but despite it working it was a pain to get a snap across.
LinkSprite Camera with TTL Serial

Hence my suggestion to properly look at the forum (and this thread did not only feature streaming video)


Ahh yes I actually do remember these pictures now :smile:

Actually the quality was not that bad, acceptable in my book for a quick glimpse of what was going on remotely.

So the Photon didn’t make this any easier? I know @peekay123 and @rickkas7 have been working on code for sending large files to and from the Photon with success recently.


It’s not the speed of the µC or the net connection but the RX/TX speed (baudrate) of the camera modules that limit you.


Your talking about video right?

How about just single pictures?


No I’m not talking video.
Just do the maths 640x400x3 byte divided by 38400 bit per second.
Even with 320x200 you’re looking at about 40sec per snap.


I see its best use for myself as a simple security camera that snaps a picture when a sensor is tripped.

So it sounds like taking and sending a picture is something you accomplished back in 2014.


Yes, but cameras haven’t much improved since


Yea plus the market has been flooded with low cost HD wifi security cameras.


How did this go? Have same needs!


yeah me too - there really isn’t any 3G cameras that you can interface with via the web (ie most 3G trail cameras is via old school sms), and very keen to rig up my adafruit serial camera to my electron but it seems like a nightmare to try and send the data back to the cloud …can anyone point me in direct of a tutorial for an amateur to do this?
(happy to get a different camera if that makes it easier)
ideal scenario, send a command over web (via IFFT or the like), and have the electron jump out of low power mode, snap a photo, send it back (via IFFT or something to my email), and have the electron go back to low power mode (optimise for battery life in a remote location) …possible? probable?


One possibility is a jpeg camera such as https://www.adafruit.com/products/613.
This has a serial interface, so should be pretty easy to grab data from. Since the device builds a jpeg image, the picture should be a fraction of the 640x480 raw image - perhaps in the 30-40kb size range. This is still only about 1 a day with the default 1mb data plan, but if the lower resolution images work for you, that’s 4 or 16x more.


Did you find any good camera works with Electron 3G?
I am planing to do same thing as you wanted to do now.


I’ve recently written a library to support the 4DSystems uCamIII