Webhooks with similar name get mixed up


I have 2 webhooks, one called ‘ABC’ and the other called ‘ABClogin’ . ‘ABClogin’ is used to receive a token which I use to post as part of the header when publishing to ‘ABC’. I subscribe to ‘ABClogin’ within my code to capture the token and that works fine, but whenever I publish to ‘ABC’ after, the ‘ABClogin’ hook is called again and of course it doesn’t make sense at this point so there’s a bunch of errors in the console. Needless to say, it can also cause problems within the code as well.
It looks as if the hooking mechanism matches the 2 webhooks because their names are made up of the same ‘ABC’ string. When I changed the name from ‘ABClogin’ to ‘login’, the problem went away.
Not a big problem but wondering if this is the normal behavior or if it’s a bug.


Its documented as such…