Webhooks to report events on any device but on selected product ID

First of, I successfully made use of the WebHook feature on particle.io and really liked it, but now I’m on the ‘how can we make it better’ type of question.

Here’s the thing: when selecting ‘any’ in the list of devices where the event can be coming from, it pretty much grabs everything across all the products, which is not really good when running multiple integrated products in parallel.

I do think that there should be a way to select ‘any’ device from a list of ‘product ID’ and so to filter those events among a specific product ID.

all the products of a particular product ID are in their own space… so any means any of the product. (I’m almost certain).

True. Didn’t think of creating them at the product level instead.

I will correct.
Thank you

case CLOSED (for me at least)