Webhook Stopped Working

Hi. I created a webhook yesterday that worked fine. It told me it called it in the dashboard, I saw the API response , everything. All of a sudden today it no longer works. I hit the “Test” button and that says it works fine. I see that it is called in my code but it never does the API call nor does it show it was called in the Webhook history.

I’ve spent the last few hours trying to figure out why my code doesnt work so anything you can give is much appreciated!

This rather general symptom description does not make it easy to guess the reasons.

Maybe if you provide the webhook “recipe” and your code we might be able to spot things.

Another useful test is directing the webhook to https://requestb.in to check what the actual webhook request against your remote server would look like.

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Sorry about that. Looks like something in my code was causing the webhook to not actually be called. Not sure what it was but started from scratch and adding bit by bit into the code to see.

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