Webhook responseTemplate not working correctly?

@reuanah what’s the full command and full .json file that you are using to create the webhook?

Hey all!

Wow, thanks for identifying that bug! We quickly fixed and confirmed the fix (Thanks @kennethlimcp) (issue here https://github.com/spark/particle-cli/issues/186 ). I haven’t published a new version of the CLI yet, but if you install it from source you’ll have the fix. I want to make sure there aren’t any other sneaky bugs in there before I publish a release.

Also, I’m sorry this regression made it into the CLI, we’ll try to keep a closer eye on changes coming through.



@Dave, thank you for finding/fixing it so quickly! I’ll definitely be figuring out how to install from source and testing sometime today.

I think you can do:

git clone git@github.com:spark/particle-cli.git
cd particle-cli
npm install

#will let you run it from that folder
node app.js help

#something like this to run it anywhere (but I could be wrong)
npm link .

I think I’ll publish a new version shortly since this is a critical issue.

Edit: new CLI version released with the webhooks fix. Please update!



Thanks @Dave! TBH, I was skeptical when I ran into another bug with my Photon but you’re doing a great job in making it an awesome device.


Just tested and everything looks to be working properly again. Thanks for the help, @Dave!

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Thanks all, glad it’s working again, thanks for the help finding the bug!