Web page display of a DI state

Project #7 in the book “Getting Started with the Photon” is feedback of a DO pin that controls a relay. I will need many of those (terrific example). The PHP & JS code provide for sending the on/off parameter and getting a return. I will also will be needing to bring DI states back to a web page that do not have output functionality. Links to Photon and PHP code examples, please.

What have you tried so far? There is the documentation, the forums, Hackster and whatnot to have a look at. Surely somewhere in those resources there’s something similar to what you’re trying to achieve?

I mean, the docs aren’t the worst place to start…


I started some searching about displaying DI pins on a web pages. I soon found Blynk, a nearly free platform with lots of widgets and other objects. Runs on many devices (inc. all Particles) and both IOS & Android phones/tablets. The phone/tablet UI building is very “visual” and the device coding uses native IDE+. Particle’s IDE gets library extensions to run.

Thank you for the hint and encouragement.