Web Page Control of the Amazing Spark Core or Photon

Don/t want to use php, curl, nodejs, jquery etc. This webpage controls a spark core using localstorage to hide your deviceID and access_token.

A form to send your function and paramaters to an iFrame to show the reply.

Video also contains an advanced version with ajax and json to replace the iFrame and a slider and polling button.

Video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CyKv4UC1OA

Github at https://github.com/hpssjellis/spark-core-web-page-html-control

Twitter @rocksetta

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Interesting post. I would suggest a mod move this to tutorials.

I am using local storage to graph cloud end points from my system but never even thought of using it as part of phone gap. Thanks for sharing! Good to see I am not the only one thinking localstorage

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I was wondering about graphing data when using polling say every 10 minutes or so. Local storage would make sense to keep the data while the page is open. If the page closes you would at least have saved the last entry.

Exactly what Iwas thinking. For my application it would workfine since nothing analytical is being done with the data