Web IDE to local --- how to move project with dependencies?

I have code on Web IDE that depends on OneWire library. I would like to troubleshoot it with breakpoints, etc. Trying to move it to my local Visual Studio. I have exported as suggested but the dependencies do not seem to export. If I try and compile in local I get the error cannot find OneWire.h. How do I add this dependency?

I have tried using install library but that errors out on me as well “Failed to Install Library”

The dependencies should be referenced in the project.properties file that comes with the download.

However for local compiles you need the have the libraries installed in the lib folder which is not the case for Web IDE projects since they always build in the cloud.

To install libraries locally in Workbench (VS Code) you’d need to use

I tried to do that but I get an error “Failed to Install Library”

What should I enter when trying to install OneWire?? I’ve tried ‘OneWire’, I’ve tried ‘OneWire.lib’

Also tried CLI:

You need to log in again. From the Terminal pane in Workbench:

particle login

Thank you that worked! Very helpful for someone who is new to this…
Quick question: I’ve noticed that local compilation times seem to take a while (5+ minutes) even on the simplest of projects, is this normal?

The first time you compile it will take a very, very long time, especially under Windows. This also occurs after a clean operation.

The subsequent times it’s usually much faster.

It’s also significantly faster on Mac and Linux; it has to do with the way the gcc compiler is launched. While the compile itself is of comparable speed, it just takes much longer to start the process on Windows in Cygwin. And the compiler is launched hundreds of times, twice for each source file.

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Got it…Thanks :+1:

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