Wearable Prototype with Argon / Photon

I’m teaching an undergraduate class based on the Argon, and I’d like to include some projects where students build some wearable device (e.g. with a battery, conductive thread, etc.). I recognize that it would make more sense to use something like Flora for this instead of an Argon + breadboard, but the cost and time associated with using two platforms in class makes it untenable.

Does anyone have an experience / recommendation making a wearable prototype using an breadboard (e.g. a jacket, glove, hat, etc.)? I can’t solder in our classroom so I’ve not found good way to connect conductive thread to a breadboard without solder, or ways to mount the breadboard.

I’d love to hear what others have done.

I don’t have personal experience with this but you might want to investigate using wire wrap instead of solderless breadboard. Even on a bench breadboard components tend to lose contact and need to be reseated. Good luck!

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