Warnings don't show up in console on Verify if there is no error

Pretty straightforward.
Instead of showing me the warnings it just says Ready.
I think it would probably be better if it was at least possible to see the warnings without inserting an error.


So you want to see things like warnings about unused variables and things of that nature?

Hi @BDub

I think his point is that it is not consistent. You only see the warnings if you have an error that causes the log to shown. Otherwise you don’t see them. It would be nice to someday have a checkbox or something in the webIDE.

I have been making a point of just fixing the warnings since it generally improves the code I am working on.

Right! I was just making sure… let’s get @Dave to look at this. I like the checkbox idea:

[ ] always show warnings
[ ] error on warning
[ ] don’t touch my code, I’m 1337
[ ] insert random syntax errors into my code every 3rd compile to keep me on my toes

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Was already in the website backlog, but I added a link to this thread.

Ya, I didn’t know about the backlogs yet when I posted this. I’m catching up though.

I know we’re adding some extra switches to the build IDE, so options like these could have a home there. I like the random syntax error option… hmm… I’m picturing a “enroll me in the firmware bug program” checkbox, where you swap firmware and error output with another user at random, and take turns debugging? :wink:

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That would be nuts!

I’m imagining a team of support personnel that are ready to jump in and debug code, like a live chat. Hmm, kind of like the Kindle Fire HDX Mayday button. That would be soo Pro.


I see this thread is very old, but I am new and just encountered the same “problem”…

After a few days of coding I made an error and suddenly noticed there were warnings which I had never seen before. (sprintf didn’t like a long unsigned int when it expected an int, OMG!)

Do I still need to force an error to see if there is a warning in the web IDE, or have I not found the secret button in the manual?

And while I have the floor, is there a way to change the fonts, etc in the web IDE? I can’t read the comments at all during the day time. They are fine at night…

Nope, there is no setting for either of your questions, but the IDEs are currently (for a while already) undergoing an overhaul and that might affect these questions too.